After working for years in public and private schools, as a counsellor, special education teacher, and team leader, I am now in private practice. The coaching, consulting, and counselling are strength-based and solution-focused, and utilize the best tools from a variety of different modalities.

For anyone who has a dream, whether it is to feel better, make a decision, or attain a specific goal, the work we do together will help identify doors that need to be opened, and the steps that are needed to make that happen.

While I continue to provide support for the adults who care for children; specifically parents, counsellors, and educators, I am also expanding my practice to include teenagers (15 - 19 year olds) because of the rise in mental health and relationship issues. There is so much more we can be doing in terms of prevention. Although I will not be focusing on severe depression (high risk) I will see individuals who are experiencing mild depression and are open to trying effective strategies to better manage their thoughts and feelings, health, and wellbeing.

“Transformation is always possible. It takes effort, thoughtfulness, imagination, a belief in human potential, a love for words, stories and images, learning, trust, and action. ” - Virginia Ronning

"Only from the heart can you touch the sky." - Rumi