By seeking clarity through intentional conversations, life can be extraordinary and a “goal mine” of possibilities can be created.

For anyone who has a dream, whether it is to feel better, make a decision, or attain a specific goal, the work we do together will help identify doors that need to be opened, and the steps that are needed to make that happen.

Counselling and Coaching

We work together to clarify your personal or professional dreams, aspirations,or vision, to develop a concrete plan to reach fulfilment.

Once a client’s needs and interests are identified, I use several different approaches to support them.


I also provide workshops for people interested in shifting mindset (fixed to growth mindset*) and anxiety.

(* Carol Dweck)

“Transformation is always possible. It takes effort, thoughtfulness, imagination, a belief in human potential, a love for words, stories and images, learning, trust, and action. ”

Virginia Ronning

“Only from the heart can you touch the sky.”

– Rumi

Meet Virginia

After working for years in public and private schools, as a counsellor, special education teacher, and team leader, I am now in private practice as a Certified Executive Coach and a Registered Clinical Counsellor.. The coaching, consulting, and counselling are strength-based and solution-focused, and utilize the best tools from a variety of different modalities.

I am also a lifelong learner, a mother and a grandmother.

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