What I Believe

After 40 years in this field providing counselling support for children, youth, and adults, I have accumulated knowledge, experience, and skills that now enable me to ‘give back’. I am indebted to my mentors, scientists, outstanding leaders, teachers, and counsellors, neuroscience research and trauma-informed practice to help my practice continue to grow and gain traction to better assist those who are suffering. Additionally, as many of you know, I am also a certified clinical counsellor and supervisor. As a supervisor, I can support other counsellors as well as master’s level graduate students training to become counsellors

I have a few Core Beliefs and Basic Principles that guide my work as a counsellor and supervisor. They provide the foundation for my work and evolve through my work and ongoing training.

Core Beliefs *

  1. We are capable. We can find ways to clear the tricky parts to move forward.
  2. We are the sum of many parts. We have heard that the human being is composed of body, mind, spirit, but what I add to this is we all experience life from an emotional, intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual place. When we ask ourselves questions (for example, what am I feeling right now? what do I notice in my body? How do I want to be feeling?), and really listen, we can clarify our goals and the path to success.
  3. Most people have inner strength, resources, and wisdom. The key is finding the door to unlock to find it.
  4. Most people want to have purpose and a meaningful life.


Basic Principles *

  1. Stay curious, keep learning, ask more questions, listen more, and talk less.
  2. Keep EGO in check.
  3. Notice when you or a loved one is afraid and where you or they go next (anger, withdrawal)
  4. Watch self-talk
  5. Keep judgement of self and others to a minimum
  6. Strengthen compassion (and others will follow)
  7. Find people you can trust and affirm your goodness

*For people struggling with addiction or other severe mental health issues, more extensive wrap-around care and support should help achieve these objectives.